Ok, I’m not generally a fan of Valentine’s but this is too cute not to share. Plus, I get to say Valentine’s sucks. Literally.

Ok, I’m not generally a fan of Valentine’s but this is too cute not to share. Plus, I get to say Valentine’s sucks. Literally.


7 Billion: Are You Typical? — National Geographic Magazine (via NationalGeographic)

The most typical person in the world, according to NatGeo is:

  • Right-handed
  • 28 years old
  • Male
  • Has a cell phone
  • But not a bank account
  • … and is Han Chinese

He’s also an 8095er. Watch the video to see his face. This is also the face of the largest group of consumers on the planet. My 21 year old sister commented that he looks a bit like Jet Li… and that no one in our family looks like him.

- Fenix, 25, Singapore

A quick eye-opener into the lives of Chinese youth and how they are impacted by technology.

An insight into why I moved to Asia.

Best of the Internetz Returns

Well, we’ve had a bit of a hiatus lately but I’ve finished my travels and am back on board. What you may not know though, is that there have been some pretty major changes, which have happened. Not only did I finish up at LOUD Sydney, but I kept my bags packed and headed to Singapore to start at BBH to become their new Engagement Planner. If you are interested in hearing more about the move, check out my warts and all accounts at lincutripping.wordpress.com.

But back to the internetz.

ESPN-ville Facebook game gains 350K users in 2 weeks 

A social game for sports fans, the ESPN game takes a Farmville style approach to make gamers run their own sports bar filled with sports paraphernalia and TVs streaming sports games. The games also allow you check out real time scores and listen to ESPN radio. But where this game is sure to really come into its own is the inevitable (at least I hope they are heading this way) opportunity to combine the real world with the gaming world by allowing users to stream live sports matches from within the game. 

Gaining 350,000 users in just 2 weeks, this will be a game with enormous potential.

Instagram reaches 150 million photos

Instagram is the iPhone darling of recent times and the latest round of stats sees no slowing of its popularity. Instagram, the photo sharing app available only on iOS, has announced that they have had 150 million images shared through the app at a rate of 15 per second. But the really interesting fact is that 80% of these photos have used filters. So what does that say about us?

Hierarchy of digital distractions

Another great infographic from Information is Beautiful.


Love this idea. Swiss city, Lucerne, is doing their bit to change behaviour for good by making putting your rubbish in the bin fun. Simple and unobtrusive but I’ll bet it’s effective. Only wish it was in action when I was there recently (bragging rights).



(Photos from PSFK)

Like any good tourist, I popped into Piccadilly Circle whilst in London. While most of the billboards showed just straight ads, a series of ads by McDonalds caught my attention.




Urging people to line up with the various iconic London images when they are taking their photos of the famous intersection, this to me, it’s a perfect example of digital media. It gives people something they can interact with. It gives people a “I’m in London” moment they can share with their friends. And all the while sending the Maccas’s  ’M’ worldwide.

What I think they do really well though, is the fact that they offer instructions at the beginning. Too often advertisers assume people will know what to do with their ads - it’s good to see people getting a bit of help now.

Need a product shot to appease the client? Even some overt pics of burgers and fries are welcomed because they have earned the right after giving so many other shots.


Fun, playful and effective. Hate to say it, but great work.

Well I’m hitting the road and seeing the world for a few months and while I’d like to say I’ll still be regularly updating this, let’s be realistic. Asia, Europe and the US call so it’s time for a break.

But I’ll be back. Stay tuned.

"In a way, there’s an immaturity to our relationship with technology. It’s still evolving."

— NY Times - Social FOMO

(Source: The New York Times)